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In just one year, we have helped nearly 500 foreign importers to design and produce products. We have always maintained a good cooperative relationship. Production still runs on a regular basis.


Real Case

What Arthur Always Be 


Unlike manufacturers, Arthur has stricter requirements for OEM/ODM products.

Generally, importers are worried about whether the product produced will be deviated from the design. So they will pay for a third-party company to inspect the product. There is a lot of cost and wasted time.

But these costs will never be incurred for Arthur, because our most basic requirement is to confirm before production, pay close attention to the entire production process and finished product inspection. We don‘t intend to send samples and products which don't meet expectations to our customers.

Every member of Arthur consciously and proactively takes every link and every job seriously to ensure that every one of our customers has no loss.

If you want your work to run smoothly, please contact us as soon as possible.

How to Work with Arthur